Mercedes 190 SL Stolen

For relevant information I will pay you a reward of 10.000€

Personal Notice to the Mugger / Thieves

You can still minimise your penalty

You have the option of returning my Mercedes Benz 190sl classic car completely undamaged in original condition and ready to drive immediately and the case is closed for me. You don't know who you've stolen the car from and who you are messing with. I will find you: "Whatever it Takes"!

What it is About

For relevant information to recover my classic Mercedes 190SL I pay you 10,000€ reward

In the period from October 24th, 2021 to November 13th, 2021 my classic car was stolen from the underground car park at Breitenbendener Weg 109-111 / corner of Krankenhausstr. 101 in 50354 Hürth (Germany). It was on a platform that could be lowered into the ground.

  • Mercedes Benz 190SL Cabriolet
  • Red Colour
  • Black Leather Seats
  • Black Soft-Top
  • First Official Registration 01.July 1958 -
    Car license was in glove box with old surname Celiköz listed
  • Official Registration Plate Number: BM-LJ-41 H
    (H stands for historic vehicle)
  • Characteristic 1: On the black soft top, in the centre at the top if the soft top is closed, a 15 to 20cm seam sewn with black yarn/thread will be seen.
  • Characteristic 2: Engine starts only with car key, not car key and additional "Start" button
  • Characteristic 3: Car Tires are very old (check tires - Date of Production) and you will see 175 R13 Radial
  • Special Information: In addition, the classic car was covered with a fleece car cover/hood in the underground garage, colour medium to dark grey. The thieves also stole it. I painted a visible bold "H" for "back side" with a black pencil. For more information, please use the link "Downloads"


  • Who can provide specific information in the named period?
  • Who has made any conspicuous observations before or after?
  • Who saw the car and can provide any information about place and time?
  • Who has seen the fleece car cover/hood described above and can provide any information about place and time?
  • Was the car offered to you for sale?
  • Have you seen an offer anywhere of the classic for sale?
  • Were spare parts offered for a Mercedes Benz 190 SL? - In the trunk were sets of Solex dual carburetors

Please contact me or the
Police station Hürth with phone numer +49-2233-522711 and case file reference 211114-1424-071782
or any other police station. Anonymity and source protection is guaranteed if necessary!

Legal Notice

The car is on the Wanted List by the police

As it is a theft, the car will never come into the possession of a possible new owner, despite resale. Contact me before you want to buy a classic Mercedes Benz 190 SL.

Photo Gallery

Pictures from stolen Mercedes

Open View

190 SL

Closed View

190 SL

Car Dashboard

190 SL

Trunk Side

190 SL

Driving View

190 SL

Protective Cover

190 SL

Front View

190 SL

Side View

190 SL

Co-Driver Front View

190 SL

Co-Driver Side View open

190 SL

Co-Driver Side View Closed

190 SL

View Soft-Top - Seam stitched

190 SL


Reward / Finder's Fee 10.000 Euro

Perpetrator Description

Vehicle Location

Information about Period of Crime

Suspicious Offers

Suspicious Persons

Other Notes


Anyone who provides relevant information that leads to the complete recovery of my classic car will be paid the reward / finder's fee.

The vehicle must be largely in original condition as like as it was before the theft, completely ready to drive and not just individual parts / remaining (residual) parts for example only body parts or the engine etc.

In the case of clues / specific information leading to the apprehension of the perpetrators and/or where the vehicle still consists largely of identifiable and repairable remaining parts including the engine, the reward / finder's fee is reduced to 2.500 Euros.

Of course, the agreement on the payment of the possible reward / the possible finder's fee will be fixed in writing before the tip-off is given to me directly or, if the tip-off is given to the police, it will be recorded in the police file.

Contact Details

I am grateful for any information

Please Call Me

+49 156 78544197
+49 221 975988-10

or Write Me an eMail

And one more Request

You can reach me 24/7 by eMail. Please no text messages, Whatsapp or other Messenger services via mobile phone. Call me or write an eMail. Anonymity is guaranteed if required!